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The need to screen the direct impact of sunlight on windows in order to reduce energy consumption and cooling of premises in the summer, has led Uniform to research and develop the innovative
“uni_shade” shading systems. A complete range of sunscreen grids, brise-soleil and shades capable of combining technology, comfort and energy savings.

Uni_shade systems are characterized by an aluminum frame and slats made of XPS (Extruded Polystyrene Foam) a highly innovative material that combines aesthetics and functionality ensuring a long life and high resistance to atmospheric agents.

Features of XPS:
– UV resistance
– Colour inalterability
– Less overheating due to sun exposure
– Waterproof
– Crushproof

The XPS is paste coloured and additioned with suitable UV stabilizers before extrusion, in this way the colour remains unaltered over time and does not twist or deform through time.

With uni_shade systems the living comfort of shaded area is greatly improved allowing to fully enjoy the shaded environments both inside and outside the house.

All systems uni_shade offer great strength and can be cleaned easly. They are extremely resistant to weathering and water, in fact the same material is also used for pools decking and walls of houses! The XPS is finally an eco-friendly material , 100% recyclable which allows to realize finishing with modern design ideal for outer walls of housing.

Discover the characteristics of uni_shade, the shading systems in xps_aluminium.

Find out more about the appearance features of uni_shade from our technical catalogue. Discover their key details from a catalogue specifically covering the product’s stylistic features.

Technical Catalog